Conditions such as cerebral palsy affect how the brain controls muscles, including those used for speech. However, as we’ve found from fantastic support, speech is most certainly not the only means of your child communicating. Jacob is learning to eye-point. At four years old, he can already make selections by looking at the image or item and once trained, he will be able to control a computer via looking at different images…

Has anyone else got any experience of this type of communication?

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  1. Caroline Sayer says:

    My adopted daughter Amber, who has just had her 6th birthday also has Cerebal Palsy . She like Jacob has now started to use eye pointing as her main form of communication . She anwers with her eyes & then confirms with a smile. We are using photos mainly plus symbols for recognition. She loves to play eye spy, & really enjoys a challenge

  2. benedicta says:

    There is a small and growing charity called who work with children and adults who are using AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) – they organise events around the country where you can meet each other and also a number of role models who are a tremendous inspiration not only motivating the AAC users but also in raising the expectations of families and professionals. Although mainly in the north at present but there is a branch in the south-east.

  3. Paul Woods says:

    It is gratifying to know that there is a steadily growing support structure for people who benefit from AAC systems. I would like to highlight another couple of organisations that can also provide high quality advice and further links. a) The ACE Centre Trust:- and b) Communication Matters:-

  4. caroline mumford says:

    We have purchased an iPad for Thomas and just looking at all the various apps we want to try and improve his fine motor skills, I am trying to find apps similar to board maker or communication in print? Probably only looking at two symbols on a screen Yes No ..anyone found some good ones.

  5. Mandy says:

    I’ve just found picture maker which allows you to create picture cards or visuals that can be used directly on the ipad or printed off. There is a free app and full version for £3.99. I haven’t had much of a chance to play with it yet, so have only got the freebie so far. Also found choice board creator. This looks like it could be made into a great communication tool
    Jacob loves the koi pond, bubble snap, fireworks, talking tom, talking gina etc and toy story apps, all freebies

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