VAT exemption

Some items used specifically for your disabled child can be classed as vat exempt.
We have just ordered a soft play wedge for Jacob, as this is used for his physio we can claim the vat back.
The process can be fairly confusing – so to make this easier here is a quick guide:

1. Check with the supplier that the product can be classed as vat exempt.
2. Some suppliers will provide you with a specific form for you to sign on behalf of your child.
If they don’t have this form, use this templateEligibility declaration by a disabled person
Fill in the ‘customer details’ as your child.
Fill in the supplier and product details
3. Email signed document over to supplier.
You then complete the order and (at the suppliers discretion) receive the VAT back!

We also found that you can claim back VAT for items purchased over the last four years.

Further details can be found here (10.1)

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