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I’ve just been made aware of this fantastic service offered by the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People.
It’s called ‘Try b4u Fly’ and has been specially created to reduce the anxieties and stress for children and young people with disabilities and their parents before and during air travel.

Try b4u Fly is a service that provides the unique opportunity to try specially designed aeroplane support seating for children and young people with disabilities. Working with interested parties including children and young people, parents, cabin crew, airlines, travel agents and supported by the Department of Health, we can now offer the MERU TravelChair, a postural seat insert, the Burnett system, the Crelling support harness and the Cares harness. It is available to trial in a life-size aeroplane cabin at our Mobility Centre, together with other seating supports such as the Burnett Body Support, Crelling Harness and Cares Harness.

We are, for a limited time, offering a free of charge opportunity for children to sample and for parents to seek professional advice on the best support among the different seating inserts available at the QEF centre.

For more information, see their website

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