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  1. caroline mumford says:

    Hi There I have just joined the group after our key worker gave me the details. We have recently moved to Kent from Cambs our son is 5 years old and has Cerebral Palsy Athetoid Quad dystonic. Thought I would introduce myself as since Thomas has started school and going in a bus I find it difficult to talk to and meet other parents with children with similar needs. I have set up a small group on facebook (prior to knowing about this forum) called Kent coastal sen parents, as I was finding it quite difficult to commuicate ideas places to visit that sort of thing. I have since moving here highlighted the changing table issue in pubilc toilets, I met with Snaap at windchimes Herne Bay and they have working with the council and they have been surveying all public toilets to see if any could be adapted maybe not to the degree of a ‘changing spaces’ toilet but maybe just a larger changing table. I am not a campaigning Mum but I do feel myself becoming one just to get the things that we need and quite simple things like a swing in the park, a trolley at the supermarket and a place to change a nappy.
    Anyway sorry to bang on but thank you and hello xx

  2. Mandy says:

    Hi Caroline, we have just ordered a self inflating camping bed to take out with us to use as a changing mat in the back of the car. We find it hard when out and about too. Changing facilities are woefully inadequate for disabled children. this is the one we went for. Bargin for £15, especially when a “special needs” one is nearly £50 and they are almost identical.

    Welcome to and-me. I tried to find your group on Facebook, but couldn’t. I found you, so maybe we can chat on there too

  3. caroline mumford says:

    I have added you to Kent Coast SEN Parents not great on the computer so I hope its found you now ok. Thanks for the info re Justin shame he’s not going to Kent this year.

  4. Debi Bailey says:

    Hi my name is Debi
    I am currently studying BSL level 1 and in Sept hope to start BSL level 2.
    I have tried to get some volunteer work with Deaf people but am not having much luck.
    So i was wondering if anybody on here has a Deaf relative or child who also uses BSL and wouldn’t mind me becoming a BSL buddy as Level 2 does say that to have interaction with a Deaf person who signs would be an advantage.
    I live in Romney Marsh but i will drive to places.
    I’d only have to take a couple of hours of their time each week.
    If anyone can help please let me know.

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